Welcome to our Brand New Website Everyone!

It seems you’ve found the new home of Reflecto-Lite – Welcome to our new residence in all it’s digital splendor. We’re really happy with how it’s turned out and seeing our previous work all in the same place has been a trip down memory lane for everyone here – thankfully the gallery is full of our previous displays and not our previous haircuts! You can now see all our biggest and best installations in the Portfolio, and we’re always interested in using our product to present yours in ever more imaginative ways. Out of the box is where we like to be, so contact us if you’ve got displays that require the light and motion of Reflecto-Lite.

Our contact page is in the top right, but if you’d like to reach us anywhere we have some great news for you: we’re relaunching across social media! Our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts are primed to be filled with our best display work, and feel free to strike up a conversation with us if you’ve got any questions. Want to know more about our products? A question not answered in our specifications? Just want to point out the latest signage that’s caught your eye? We’re ready for all of it – consider us a help desk-come-discussion board.

We’re always happy to talk about our industry, which is why we’ll be off to the Business Design Centre in London on April 5th-6th. Catch us in person checking out the best of the rest of the industry at the Visual Marketing & Design Show, a true breeding ground for innovation and bold ideas that we love. Reflecto-Lite has featured in so many great pieces of work that our fellow Visual Marketeers have designed, so we highly recommend you take the time to visit and start to see the future of Visual Marketing. It’s a great chance to get ahead of the curve and take in the smartest work being done in the market today!

This redesign and everything building towards it has been weeks, months and years of hard work and this step along our journey has been a delight to share with you all finally. Reimagining our business online, trying to bring you the motion and light that Reflecto-Lite has been doing so effectively in the physical world for so many years; it’s a labour that we love. Thanks to everyone we’ve worked with so far and we hope to see you all at the VM&D soon, you can catch all our coverage of it here and across our social media – Catch you later!