How Do They Work?

Reflectoboards and Reflectostrips are both made up of shimmering mirrored discs which catch all natural or projected light and throw back a magnified sparkle of brilliantly multicoloured highlights in random patterns.


Reflectoboards come with circular discs (3 cm / 1.2 in. diameter) to be attached to black plastic backing panels which are 25cm by 25cm (8 rows x 8 columns holding a total of 64 discs).
There are 16 Reflectoboards in one square meter (approx. 11 square feet).

Each individual Reflectoboard is pre-drilled for fixing screws or it can be glued to another substrate. Reflectoboards can be easily cut to size or into individual strips by simply scoring the back with an Exacto-knife and snapping the board.

Aluminium pins are pre-moulded into the panels. After the backing panel is attached to the substrate, the coloured reflective disc slips over the pin-head and clicks into place. Reflectoboards are easy to install for eye catching impact as the pins are pre-spaced for easy and symmetrical installations.

Reflectoboards are shipped with their discs separate from the backing boards. It will take one person about one hour to attach the discs for one square meter of Reflectoboards; longer for a complicated design.


Reflectostrips come with octagonal discs attached to individual pegs on a clear plastic backing strips (30.5 cm / 1 ft long). There are 7 discs per strip in the larger size (3.8 cm / 1 .5 in. diameter discs) and 12 discs per strip in the smaller size (2.2 cm / 7/8 in. diameter discs).

Reflectostrips may be snipped to suit any job need: circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, contour outlines or unusual shapes and designs.

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